Five Reasons to Hire a Freelance Copywriter

When you have an important communications project, there are a few ways to get the work done. You could:
A. Do it yourself B. Hire a full-service agency
C. Delegate to an employee D. Call a freelancer

Consider these top five reasons why a freelance relationship may be your best bet:

  1. You’re busy! Your schedule’s too packed with meetings, travel, and paperwork to write an email in complete sentences, let alone a 20-minute speech. A freelancer can do the work for you, and you get all the credit!
  2. Good writing is critical. Every communication bearing your company’s name is a reflection of its credibility. Entrusting that responsibility to anyone other than a trained writing professional is risky.
  3. You’re on a budget. Big ad and PR agencies want big contracts, not intermittent project work. With a freelancer, virtually no job is too small, and you’re treated like the valuable client you are.
  4. Employees are expensive. When you factor in overhead, benefits, and taxes (beyond the monthly salary), hiring and maintaining a full-time employee costs infinitely more than outsourcing.
  5. A fresh perspective is priceless. Even your trusty long-term employees sometimes get lost in the daily grind. A new set of eyes can restore life to your old programs and work magic with new ones.

The bottom line: Outsourcing saves you time and money, and often yields results superior to the alternatives.

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