experience that rings true

“Writing is music. It has rhythm, tone, tempo, accents. Under masterful orchestration, it strikes a visceral chord and compels you to move.”

You wouldn't (and shouldn't) trust just anyone to communicate on behalf of your organization. So what qualifies me to be the "voice" of your company? The short answer is ... 20 years of experience and a roster of repeat Fortune 500 clients. But there's more to the story. Read on for the unabridged version of what sets me apart from other freelancer writers. 

Writing Chops

I've always had a natural flair for the written word. And I was lucky enough to find my calling in a field where I could put that ability to work. Over the years, I've sharpened my skills with the help of meticulous editors and brilliant business leaders, realizing the immeasurable value that clear and compelling communications can bring to an organization.

Business Savvy

Before launching my business in 2005, I held communications management positions at a global industry leader and a technology start-up, and wrote for prestigious clients at one of the world's largest public relations firms. As a freelancer, I've helped more than 75 companies with nearly every type of business writing project imaginable. So I understand your need to produce timely, credible communications that engage your audience and move the needle. I can also interview your executives, decipher your acronyms, manage a multi-tier approval process, adhere to your brand standards, and still complete every project on target and on time.

Diverse Writing Achievements

With clients of all sizes in many different industries, I’ve completed thousands of business writing projects on hundreds of topics – financial planning, healthcare, technology, energy, farming, aerospace engineering - you name it. I've written for traditional channels such as newsletters, bylined articles and case studies, as well as digital content like  social media posts, infographics and streaming videos. I've even written a 300-page book for one client. 

A good freelancer does more than just write well. To get the job done, the writer often interacts with your employees, your senior leaders, even your customers. I provide a level of professional courtesy, responsiveness and service you can trust when it’s your reputation on the line. In other words, I show up to meetings and calls, I meet deadlines, and I don't get bent out of shape when you need to make some changes. 

Academic Background
My service is rooted in formal education. I earned my journalism degree from the  University of Texas at Austin, and minored in business. I've also completed the continuing studies program in creative writing at Southern Methodist University.