My writing process

How can a complete stranger come to understand your specific needs and deliver an on-target piece of writing in a matter of days? Over the years, I’ve fine-tuned my process to ensure every writing project hits the mark with minimal revisions. Here's my five-step approach.


Some writers start with their own style and stick to it. On the contrary, I conduct a thorough interview at the start of each project to clearly understand your goals, challenges and personal preferences for the project before moving ahead. 


Before the writing begins, additional research may be necessary.  From analyzing your web site and background materials to interviewing subject matter experts, I go the extra mile to get to know your company and find the heart of the message. 


Once the information-gathering is through, it’s about telling the story in a logical flow, striking the right tone, and finding the perfect words to connect with your audience. 


You won’t get half-baked, error-riddled copy from Brookman Communications. When you receive the finished product, you can feel confident it has been checked and re-checked for grammar, spelling, punctuation and style, and neatly formatted to your liking. 


I’m not happy until you’re happy. If you decide the copy needs some changes, the first two rounds of revisions are on the house. 

A note about pricing

Understandably, one of the first questions many new clients ask is "What are your rates?"

Unfortunately, since every project is different, there's no quick and easy answer. Rather than working at an hourly rate, for most projects I propose a flat fee based on the scope of work. That way you know exactly what the cost will be before work begins, with no surprises at the end. So, how do I decide what to charge? The time required to complete an assignment can vary widely based on the volume of writing, research required, any meetings or interviews we might have, and whether I'll need to manage multiple layers of review. We'll discuss those parameters in our first meeting or call, and I'll follow up with a flat-fee quote that covers the entire scope of work. 

For more open-ended assignments, working at an hourly rate might make more sense. And for clients with recurring needs month after month, a retainer agreement may be the best way to secure my availability at a predictable monthly cost.