Why hire a freelancer writer?

You know you need some writing help. Maybe you have a content-hungry beast to feed (like a recurring blog or newsletter), or a goal to get your CEO published in a leading trade journal. What to do? You could tackle it yourself, delegate to an employee, or try hiring a big, fancy PR agency. But hold the phone - there's another option. A freelance writer could be just what you need. Here's why: 

You're busy!

Even if you're a brilliant writer, your schedule’s probably too packed with meetings and travel to write an email in complete sentences, let alone devote eight hours to research and write an insightful article . That's when you call your trusted freelancer. I'll do the heavy lifting, and you get all the credit! 

Good writing is critical

Every communication bearing your company’s name is a reflection of its credibility (and in some cases, your own). Doesn't it make sense to assign the job to a professional writer who's an expert in grammar, style, and corporate communications techniques?

You're on a budget (and in a hurry)

Big PR agencies and creative firms want lucrative long-term contracts, not intermittent project work. Plus, it takes an "act of Congress" to push big contracts through your purchasing and legal departments before work can begin. With a freelancer like me, virtually no job is too small, and I can plug in right away.

You don't need another full-time employee

When you factor in overhead, benefits, and taxes (beyond the monthly salary), hiring and maintaining a full-time employee costs infinitely more than outsourcing. A freelancer can complete the assignment that needs to get done; you can skip the onboarding process, team-building activities, and performance reviews.

A fresh perspective is priceless

Even your best long-term employees can get caught in the weeds or jaded by the daily grind. A new voice can restore life to your old communications programs and work magic with new projects. 

The bottom line: Outsourcing saves you time and money, and often yields results superior to the alternatives.